We’re off!

Well what a fun day of packing and last-minute panicking we’ve had! We came *this* close to having no money for the next year, receiving a phone call from our travel agent as we pulled into the drop-off area of the airport to say that we do now at least have one functioning cash card. We also totally failed at airport security: Jay had to go through the full body scan due to wearing a watch, belt and a pocketful of change through the metal detector. And I left a total of three separate liquids in my carry-on bag. Hopefully we’ll get better at that as we go.

Now the bit for the gear nerds. You’ll note in the pics below that Jay (kit on the right) has literally emptied out every item so that he could document exactly what we’re taking down to nail clippers and shoe insoles. I chose to leave those items in their individual bags!

All our kit for the next year!
Jay in his happy place – surrounded by outdoor gear

Big thanks to the McNeils for putting us up for the past couple of weeks, for dropping us off today and for taking care of lovely Mouse (we’ve been informed she is currently asleep on the sheet we left her that smells of us *sobs*)

At the airport!

Sorry to everyone we didn’t manage to see before leaving. It’s not an exaggeration to say this trip has come around WAY sooner than we were prepared for. Did we really arrange a sabbatical, leave a job, sell our house, and move our cat and belongings halfway across the country? I swear we only went to the travel agent a few weeks ago…

We really appreciate all the effort that people have made to see us, call, and send cards and messages with good wishes. We promise not to waste this incredible opportunity! We know this is not something that many people get to do, particularly at our *cough* stage of life.

Pre-flight cocktails!

Next stop 42 degree Delhi! Cheers!

4 thoughts on “We’re off!

  1. Ahhhhhh! omg it’s happening! I feel butterflies on your behalf. Sending much love and cute baby cuddles as you start your amazing journey!


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